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A-LEAF @ BE-OPEN Science & Society Festival

| October 2, 2018

Our TUWien partners, lead by Prof. Ulrike Diebold, and Matthias Müllner, were sharing and explaining their research to the general public in the recent Be-Open Science & Society Festival organized by the FWF Austrian Science Fun. the event took place at Maria-Theresien-Platz, Vienna during September 8th-12th 2018.

The  “BE OPEN — Science & Society Festival” gathered
families, children and friends, to get them involved and learn more about basic research visiting 18 Pop-Up pavillions, with the participation of numerous Austrian researchers from multiple disciplines, from medicine to astronomy, and of course, highlighting materials research by Prof. diebold’s group (see brochure BE_OPEN_Festivalzeitung_TS8 in german). This included instructional STM (running with atomic resolution in a noisy crowd!), optical microscopes for the kids (and seniors!), and a fuel-cell operated toy car.

It is our pleasure to share the excitement and fundamental interest of research with society, as one of the major goals for the A-LEAF initiative. Thank you TUWIEN team for the great work and enthusiasm!