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A-LEAF last consortium meeting – Great farewell

| July 19, 2021

Everything good ends…

… and our exciting project is not an exception.

The last day of June was the day A-LEAF celebrated our last consortium meeting, hosted on-line by University of Messina.

After 4 and a half years of collaborative research, this meeting summed up all the efforts our consortium has been devoting towards the accomplishment of the objectives highlighted in the proposal we submitted to the European Commission 5 years ago. And guess what? We can proudly say that we achieved them! We cannot tell you much more at this stage but we encourage you to keep tuned because exciting news are on the way.

After putting together all the work, we can conclude that beyond scientific achievements, our project has been something else thanks to the support and enthusiasm of the consortium. The 13 institutions involved in the execution of a-LEAF had not previously worked together, many of the leading researchers did not know each other and A-LEAF brought them together to deliver a photoelectrocatalytic device, able to combine CO2 and water to produce solar fuels, relying on competitive materials and processes, avoiding the use of precious metals, or rare/expensive raw materials.

As the members of our External Advisory Board highlighted ‘A-LEAF is a great success without any questions’, ‘it is a success from the cooperation of different expertise’. As a true consortium: ‘we were able to gather expert scientists and bring them out of their comfort zone’. Perhaps, that is the catalyst behind the extraordinary performance of the project.

We would like to thank all our contributors, partners, researchers, collaborators, our External Advisory Board, and of course the European Commission for supporting and believing in our initial idea that has become a reality.

It has been a pleasure… to be continued!