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A-LEAF meeting in Darmstadt

| July 31, 2018

Summer is here and the A-LEAF consortium met in Darmstadt (Germany) to share their latest and exciting results.

The meeting started with a very warm welcome by Prof. Jaegermann and his team -our partners from TU Darmstadt and our hosts in this 18 months meeting- followed by the partners’ presentations on their latest results.

It was really nice not only to see the very promising outcomes from the different partners but also the youngest members of A-LEAF presenting them with such confidence and enthusiasm. This is because A-LEAF, apart from aiming at building a low-cost and efficient device for the direct transformation of sunlight, water and CO2 into valuable chemicals and solar fuels, has also the commitment to train a new generation of interdisciplinar and international young scientists in artificial photosynthesis.

We were around 50 people talking about innovative research and delivering significant results, from all ages, nationalities and genders. It was great to see the interest and engagement from all partners, the numerous discussions and suggestions, the new collaboration opportunities and willingness to exchange researchers among partners. A-LEAF is definetely going in the right direction!

One of the main highlights of this meeting was the official presentation of our External Advisory Board. We are delighted to welcome Prof. Centi, Prof. Strasser and Prof. Harriman on board and extremely grateful for their time, commitment and suggestions. They also had their turn to share their views with the consortium, from three different perpectives but all of them truly enriching. We will introduce them in a separate post (they deserve that and more!).

The meeting closed with the partners’ presentations about future work, setting up new milestones for the consortium and building together the next steps towards our aim: a device that will transform carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight into environmentally friendly chemical fuels.

Thanks a million to Prof. Jaegermann and TU Darmstadt for this wonderful meeting and see you soon in… Vienna!